College Cuppers

Introduction to Inter-college Volleyball

Since most colleges lack sufficient funding and players to organise their own individual teams throughout the indoor season, CUVC organise several "United Cambridge Colleges" (UCC) teams that train weekly and compete in the Cambridge Local League during the Michaelmas and Lent terms under the watchful eye of the Club's top players and coaches. [UCCM | UCCW]

However, there is some college volleyball during the winter, and for players that dont have the time commitment for CUVC run teams, the "college-option" is also a way to get some play. To support the College teams, CUVC run Indoor Cuppers, with an indoor tournament in Michaelmas and Lent terms. In the summer term, players from UCC teams, as well as the elite Blues Squads, take the skills they've been honing throughout the winter back to their own Colleges and organise teams to compete in CUVC's Summer League, Cuppers and Beach Cuppers outdoor competitions.