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Cyndee Carver

Playing PositionOutside Hitter, Opposite
Height1.75 m
Club History
2002-2003: Women's Blues Half Blue

Cyndee is a new recruit to the Women's Blues but has played competitively in the United States for eight years, travelling with Junior Olympic Volleyball Teams and Grissom High School, where she was named Class 6A Alabama All-State Player. After graduating summa cum laude from Auburn University, AL, where she played intracollegiate volleyball, Cyndee is pursuing advanced studies at Cambridge and swinging hard for the Women's Blues!

02-03 Season Stats

MatchPosSetsAttKillsKill %AcesBlocksPoints
BUCS Qual: Oxford (home)O320840109
BUCS Qual: L'boro (away)O42710370010
BUCS Qual: Nottingham (home)U311218125
BUCS Qual: Birmingham (away)O436822019
BUCS Qual: L'boro II (away)O516531106
VE Qual: Tournament (away)O75415285020
BUCS Qual: Oxford (away)O43315451016
BUCS Qual: L'boro (home)O44918372020
BUCS Qual: Birmingham (home)O33211342013
Varsity Match: Oxford (away)O3229413012
VE Finals: Nottingham (away)O110220002
BUCS Finals: Cardiff (away)O215640107
VE Finals: Bristol (away)O32410421011
BUCS 16: Portsmouth (away)O3258322010
BUCS Finals: Manchester (away)O214643208
BUCS Finals: Edinburgh (away)O32812430012
BUCS Finals: Kent (away)O222941009
BUCS Finals: L'boro (away)O218211002
Per-set Average7.86212.68970.37930.05173.1207

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