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Petra Schwalie

Playing PositionMiddle Blocker, Outside Hitter
Height1.72 m
Date of Birth4th Sep 1984 (36)
Club History
2008-2009: Women's Blues
2009-2010: Women's Blues Half Blue (capt)
2010-2011: Women's Blues Full Blue (capt)
2011-2012: Women's Blues

Petra started playing volleyball at an early age in Timisoara (Romania), in the local junior club, but without much passion or regular attendance to practices. Luckily, she had very good volleyball motivated friends in high-school, with whom she used to spend breaks and sometimes skip classes for some quality volleyball-time. After that, she had to adapt to several playing systems and languages, in four countries across Europe. She played at club level in Wuerzburg, Germany for a while, and joined a university team in Grenoble, France. She particularly enjoyed the experience of playing in the university team in Trondheim, Norway, where she experienced the most intensive trainings and challenging games. She joined the Blues in 2009 when she moved to Cambridge, happy about the perspective of sticking to a team for several years. Initially, she was trained as a setter but moved very early on to playing outside, even though she occasionally had to play middle and opposite as well.

11-12 Season Stats

MatchPosSetsAttKillsKill %AcesBlocksPoints
BUCS Qual: Oxford (home)M31310773114
Per-set Average4.33333.33331.00000.33334.6667

10-11 Season Stats

MatchPosSetsAttKillsKill %AcesBlocksPoints
BUCS Qual: Nottingham (home)O41910532012
BUCS Qual: Oxford (home)O42211503115
BUCS Qual: Birmingham (home)O2177413010
BUCS Qual: L'boro (home)O214643208
BUCS Qual: Birmingham (away)M41910532416
VE Finals: Cardiff (away)O19556005
VE Finals: Bournemouth (away)O310440206
VE Finals: Northumbria (away)O/M24125012
VE Finals: Leeds Met (away)M26233002
VE Finals: Bristol (away)M14125001
Varsity Match: Oxford (home)O322836008
BUCS 16: Bristol (away)O/M313754108
BUCS Finals: Imperial (away)M2100101
BUCS Finals: Leeds Met (away)O25120001
BUCS Finals: Manchester (away)O28338104
BUCS Finals: Dundee (away)O212650006
BUCS Finals: Bournemouth (away)M1100101
Per-set Average4.65002.05000.45000.15002.6500

09-10 Season Stats

MatchPosSetsAttKillsKill %AcesBlocksPoints
BUCS Qual: Warwick (home)O310550218
BUCS Qual: Nottingham (home)O41710595015
CVA Women: Cambridge VC (home)O300000
BUCS Qual: L'boro (home)O314429105
VE Qual: UCL (away)O212433004
VE Qual: Gloucester 2 (away)O25360104
VE Qual: Bournemouth (away)O26467004
BUCS Qual: Birmingham (away)O318528106
BUCS Qual: Warwick (away)O200000
BUCS Qual: Oxford (away)O427622208
BUCS Qual: Nottingham (away)O3228362010
VE Finals: Sheffield (away)O210220002
BUCS 16: Bath (away)O43410291011
Varsity Match: Oxford (away)O200000
Per-set Average4.48721.56410.38460.02561.9744

08-09 Season Stats

MatchPosSetsAttKillsKill %AcesBlocksPoints
Varsity Match: Oxford (home)O12150001
BUCS Trophy: Aberdeen (away)O32514564018
BUCS Trophy Final: Soton (away)O32112573015
Friendly: Pallovolo (away)O/R53114453017
Per-set Average6.58333.41670.83330.00004.2500

Club Total

  SetsAttKillsKill %AcesBlocks Points
Totals9445319443468 248
Per-set Average4.81912.06380.48940.0851 2.6383

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