Heat at the Beach

A scorching day on Jesus Green was enjoyed by all entered into the CUVC Beach Cuppers competition. This was the second ever event for the beach volleyball competition and was organised by Steve Sarkozy. Twenty or so pairs started the day in an exhausting pool format, with teams seeking shade between matches as the sun fried the competitors. An early injury saw the emergency services called to deal with a dislocation, but happily the injured player appeared later in the day bearing Pims and 7-Up.

Half of the winning 2004 pairing, Pascale Garaud (flown in specially from training on the beaches of California), with 2005 partner Steve Sarkozy, made an exit in the quarter finals. The other half of the 2004 Champion pairing, Jean Jacquet, this year teamed with Helen MacIntyre, were defeated in the semi-finals. The final went to the very last point, the pairing of Dani Maggiorano and Jon Clarke losing 15-17 in the final set to 2005 Champions Wendy Tsang Man Pun and Tom Oefler.

1st Wendy Tsang Man Pun (2005 Blues Captain) and Tom Oefler (UCCM)
2nd Dani Maggiorano (2004 Blues) and Jon Clarke (Womens Coach)
3rd Helen MacIntyre (2005 Blues) and Jean Jacquet (2005 Blues and Mens Coach)