BUCS Championship Qualification Match 

Blues 0-3 Loughborough University (14-25, 23-25, 7-25)
Kelsey Kerridge, 28/01/2004

With a good chance to beat a weakened Loughborough team, Cambridge fielded a full-strength home side in this BUSA fixture. Ex-Blues players Anne Mullin and Veronica Kunze, keen to see a Cambridge win, were also in attendance. The Blues on the scoresheet were; Fiona Danks (m, Capt), Uta Wieland (m), Daniella Maggiorano (m), Jill Aitken (o), Sarah March (o), Candice Baseden (o), Cinzia Casiraghi (o), Laura Diaz-Anadon (o), Cynthis Lim (l), Wendy Tsang Man Pun (u), Mary Chlouveraki (s) and Joyce Wu (s).

The Blues started the first set well, scoring points from the Loughborough team errors off of a consistent serve from Wendy. However the tables turned mid-way through the set when better Loughborough serving showed up the Cambridge receive unit and no strong attack was possible from the Blues. Short serving on libero Cynthia exposed the Cambridge team with two aces in a row and prompted a home team time-out. Unfortunately the receive did not improve and the first set was lost.

With an unchanged team for the second set the Blues surged ahead by a wide margin thanks to an amazing serve run from Jill, including two aces to the unguarded position five. Too many Cambridge errors again let Loughborough back into the set for a close win.

Best to leave the third set unmentioned, save for the comparison with a collapse worthy of the English cricket team. Poor receive off of one server led to Loughborough getting the ball returned with no power, only to recycle the ball to their strong outside attacker, who was having a field day.

MVP was Jill Aitken

Report by Jon Clarke

NamePositionSets PlayedAttacksKillsKill PercentAcesBlocks Pass Total Points
Candice Baseden O 1 0 0 0 0 1.0 0
Mary Chlouveraki S 3 8 2 25 1 0 3
Laura Diaz-Anadon O 1 8 1 13 0 0 2.0 1
Cynthia Lim L 3 1 0 0 0 0 1.1 0
Daniela Maggiorano M/O 3 18 1 6 0 0 2.3 1
Profile Removed O 3 10 2 20 3 0 1.2 5
Wendy Tsang Man Pun U 3 13 0 0 1 0 1.5 1
Uta Wieland M 2 10 1 10 0 0 1
Joyce Wu Ka King S 1 0 0 0 0 0
Team Total 86 12 14 5 2 19