BUCS Championship Qualification Match 

Blues 0-3 Loughborough University (18-25, 23-25, 15-25)
Loughborough Uni, 27/10/2004

With an early start away to League leaders Loughborough, the Cambridge team struggled to get a full squad out, having to start players out of position and borrowing a willing volunteer from UCCW for the match. The Cambridge starting six were; Wendy Tsang Man Pun (capt), Jill Aitken and Karolina Lada on outside, Bethan Shaffery setting and Nadia von Maltzahn and Uta Wieland blocking middle. Katy Bidart was testing a new role as libero, with Donna Etiebet nursing an injury on the bench.

The Cambridge team started strongly with a consistent service run and back-court attack kill from Karolina. Loughborough serve errors were adding to the Blues points tally, and occasional wayward hitting (such as Jill?s attempt to break the refs fingers) were not enough to dent the lead. Nadia was making an early bid for her previous block stat domination, and forced the first time-out with a nicely timed stuff on the Loughborough middle. Disaster hit the Blues as the Loughborough no.6 stepped up to serve; 3 aces saw the first Cambridge time-out called after the receive unit demonstrated their football skills. Three more bad receives leading to Cambridge hitting errors saw the second Blues time-out called. With no choice but to see if the server would make an error, the Cambridge lead dissolved and the set was lost.

The Blues started more strongly in the second set, which finished closely. Good serve pressure from Wendy and Jill was offset by later serve errors from the team. Jill placed Nadia well for her to rack up another big kill block, but in general the Cambridge pass stopped Bethan from getting her middles into attack.

In the third set the teams traded serve errors until Wendy stepped up to drive in an ace. Katy stepped up her game as libero and stringed a number of good passes and pick-ups together, but the team once more struggled to ground the ball in the opponents court. Thanks go to Uta for stepping in at the last moment!

MVP was Nadia von Maltzahn

Report by Jon Clarke

NamePositionSets PlayedAttacksKillsKill PercentAcesBlocks Pass Total Points
Katy Bidart L 3 3 1 33 0 0 1.7 1
Donna Etiebet M 2 2 1 50 0 0 1
Karolina Lada O 3 8 1 13 0 0 0.8 1
Profile Removed O 3 19 2 11 0 1 1.3 3
Bethan Shaffery S 3 5 2 40 0 0 2
Wendy Tsang Man Pun U 3 20 5 25 2 0 1.4 7
Nadia von Maltzahn M 3 8 3 38 0 3 6
Team Total 65 15 23 2 4 21